5 DIY Projects With Arduino

Arduino is very versatile when it comes to making home based electronic projects.

Here is a collection of 5 DIY and Open Source projects with Arduino, ideal for Makers and Electronics Hobbyists.




In this article we will see how, by combining the known Arduino rapid prototyping platform with Elektor's Extension Shield, it is possible to realize a module capable of analyzing traffic on a MIDI interface (Musical Instrument Digital Interface). The module is also equipped with a special ECC connector (Embedded Communication Connector) which allows connection to other microcontroller cards. The demonstration firmware that accompanies the project allows decoding of MIDI messages, displaying their contents on a display

 Arduino MIDI Analyzer

  1. Open source greenhouse project

Arduino Greenhouse Project

The conditions in a greenhouse are constantly evolving, which leads to the need for careful monitoring. Crop growth is determined by environmental factors within the greenhouse, which must be kept constant throughout the day. The benefits of a fully automated system are many. Obviously, there will be a reduction in manual labor, but much more important, you will have the certainty of an improvement in the quality of products and the possibility of having a database in which a lot of information will be collected. This can make the difference between gaining or suffering losses. A domotic greenhouse allows, besides the automation of the environment, the automation of the administration of fertilizers and the automation of irrigation. Furthermore, by monitoring environmental factors in a real-time way, there is the possibility of immediate action, avoiding problems with crops. Last and not negligible feature is that you have the ability to control everything from home from your PC or Smartphone.

  1. Diy low cost camera with Andruino
Arduino camera

If you are a fan of photography, video editing and if you love DIY you are reading the right article. In this guide we will explain how to make the electronic control unit for a Sliding Camera with Arduino, saving you a lot of money and giving you the chance to get closer to the world of electronics and open source programming with Arduino. Below we will see how to interface a stepper motor with Arduino to power the carriage of our slider and create a menu on an LCD that allows you to configure the entire system as required. We will see the project both from the point of view of electronic circuitry and from that of programming on Arduino.

  1. Garden project: manage a domestic greenhouse with Arduino

Arduino Garden Project

Many people like the idea of ​​the personal vegetable garden, but often this remains only that. The reasons for renunciation are varied, sometimes there is no space, sometimes there is no time to devote to plants, etc ... In this project we will see how we can solve at least the two main problems, namely space and time. For the first a simple structural expediency is enough, that is a vertical greenhouse, specifically a four-storey structure (or tanks) has been created for a total of 120x100 cm of total area. For the time being enough an Arduino and a handful of components, as we will see some recovery, while for others we had to provide an ad-hoc design. Arduino in this project will deal with irrigation, lighting and greenhouse ventilation by combining sensors and actuators.

  1. A TV remote control to command a tracked robot

Arduino Robot

There are now many systems for controlling a wireless remote device, for example, modern telephones connect to the network with the WI-FI system or via Bluetooth. There is, however, an even cheaper way and that is through infrared rays. Almost all audio and video equipment is controlled in this way, so the necessary components are quite cheap, and the system is ideal for use in the field of robotics or automation. In this article we will analyze how an infrared control system works, we will build a simple tracked robot and we will command the motion servomotors to be driven by an Arduino board, using an infrared sensor and a remote control.

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