How to Build a DIY Drone and Its Components

How to Build a DIY Drone and Its Components

Drone is synonymous with the term "quadcopter". The term drone commonly used for unmanned aerial vehicles intended for military use.

DIY stands for "Do It Yourself", this means that designing a custom quadcopter by using distinctive parts that may or may not have been originally made for each other.

Unmanned aerial vehicles have been around for quite a long time, however, they have accomplished the best popularity recently with small business drones. The new supposed FPV (first person view) innovation gave us a special experience of flying and the progression of GPS frameworks in drones opened a new world for passionate individuals.

 DIY Drone parts

Drones are not only RC (Radio Controlled) flying devices available in market, however their spry multi-rotors and their ability to take beautiful photographs and record stunning videos during flight made them the most prevalent. That is the reason business drones are in great demand these days.

Nowadays, there is an extensive variety of drones available, and they vary in size, shape, and properties. There are many popular online stores, where the drones are available for sale, according to your requirements and cost. The vast majority do it. At, you can find some of such drones.

On the opposite side, individuals who like to do it without anyone's help ventures, enjoy designing these gadgets from scratch. If you also like this specialty, you can buy drone kits and make fun by piecing them together like a Lego puzzle.

But, the real challenge is to build a drone from scratch with no outside help without using a special kit. You would need to locate the important pieces and envision the drone structure yourself.

Basic Components

If you want to build a DIY drone, you should need to know about the components which are need to build a drone, if you want to fly it of course.

DIY drone parts

Here is the basic components list to build a DIY drone:

  • Frame: there are two potential outcomes with regards to frame for your drone. You can make it yourself or get it in an online store, and for a wide variety of excellent frames. In the event that you choose to assemble it yourself, the task isn't difficult, however, you'll require some designing learning and information of the materials you will utilize. For example, you can utilize metal, plastic, or even wood supports. In the event that you settle on a wooden frame, you'll require a wood board which is around 2.5 cm thick. I will suggest you search our store net to find best frames.
  • Motors: For a common quad, you will require 4 motors altogether, yet an octocopter requires eight motors to fly. The proposal is to utilize brushless motors. They are lighter on the battery and, except if you are a specialist who totally sees how a motor function, these pieces ought to be purchased from a store.
  • ESCs or Electronic Speed Controllers: these are additionally fundamental parts of your drone as they are responsible for delivering power to the motors.
  • Propellers: When searching for the propellers, you should locate the ones that match the frame of your drone. Focus on materials – you won't discover wooden propellers, however, you should ensure the ones you pick are a solid match.
  • Connectors: You will require 3.5 mm connectors to weld the motors and ESCs, and also 4.5 mm connectors for the power distribution board.
  • The power board: This board interfaces the electronic speed controls to the battery.
  • Batteries: When buying the batteries for your drone, you have to think about the capacity of a battery and it’s compose. Commonly used batteries for this design are Li-Po batteries.
  • Mounting pad: This reduces the fluctuation in the fight. It is very useful because it is used to monitor the drone, especially when you are taking pictures or videos.
  • Controller: This device is commonly used to share power between different parts of the drone.
  • RC receiver: If you have a transmitter, you’ll also have a receiver mounted on the drone.
  • Camera: If you need to take aerial photographs and record the video, you will require a camera.
  • USB key: This key is very important to save the photos and videos.


There are many types of drones but people feel very easy to work with quadcopter because they are very easy to fly and control. So our focus is to build the quadcopter. Here we discuss step by step how to design a quadcopter.


Regardless of what your drone is going to, the first task is to construct the frame. The frame is the part of every drone. For this purpose, you can use many types of material, such as plastic, metal or wood.

If you select the wood to make the frame, you need to find a wooden board that is longer than 60 cm and around 25-30 mm thick. This board cut in such a way that you can get two lengths of 60cm long and 30mm wide. These lengths are used to design the structure of the quad.

Intersection these two lengths you'll influence the X to outline. Additionally, you will require a wooden sheet keeping in mind the end goal to make and include a rectangular piece in the central part of this frame. Its size ought to be 6×15 cm, and around 2mm thick.

DIY Drone Frame

Obviously, you can utilize different measurements on the off chance that you like, however, these will get you a really decent quad. To associate these parts, you will require nails and paste. In the event that you choose to run with metal or plastic, the measurements are comparative but there are different ways to connect the lengths together.


The ESCs (Electronic Speed Controllers), motors and propellers are the very important part of the drone without these parts you can't construct the drone. So, you ought to get these elements from an authorized store. You should keep in mind that these parts should be according to your drone size.

When searching for the motors, you should realize that multi-rotor drones deliver more noteworthy speed and guarantee a steady flight, as every rotor works with other's pushed focuses.

DIY Drone motors

For the propellers, we propose you purchase the metal 9-inch props you can discover at an exceptionally moderate cost available. These are sturdy and won't twist so effectively if the drone hits with hard thing during flight. If you want more good performance by the drone then you need to use carbon props.



The next step you have to do is creating holes in the frame for fixing motors. It is great to make another gap that will permit the clips and shaft the motor to move freely.

You can leave also leave this step if the motors are already mounted. You just need the fix the screws at the appropriate place using the screwdriver.


When you will mount the motors, you also need to mount the speed controllers. It is prescribed to mount the speed controllers on the base side of the frame because of some reasons. Among others, it will "empty" the upper side of the drone where different parts ought to be included. With a specific end goal to settle it well to the frame, you have to utilize zip ties. This way, your ESCs are secured and very much anchored while flying.


Gear is the most main part that works during landing of drone, it reduces the shock when drone lands on the solid ground. It can be designed in different styles, but you can design according to your requirements. Here's one thing: locate a metal pipe and cut off 4 rings that will be 1-2 cm thick. Obviously, the extent of these rings ought to be as per the general size of your drone.

DIY Drone gear

Duct tape is the most appropriate to fix these pieces to the frame. If you think the metal pipe is not good, you can also use different materials that are adaptable.


All the flying drones have a control system to control the actions of drone and make it stable during flight. There are two alternatives with regards to this progression.  First one is to buy a ready to use the controller and second is you can make it yourself.

 DIY Drone flight controller


Remote control system is very important to control a drone. There are many types of RC control systems are available in market.

 DIY Drone remote control


When you pick the specific flight controller, you have to mount it. You can place it on the top side of the frame in a specific direction, but you should ensure that every part of the drone is settled well before calibrating it.

It is prescribed to put a little piece of sponge on the underside of the flight controller since it ingests and decreases the vibrations from the motor. In this way, your drone will be steadier while flying.


The following thing you need to do is to design and connect the flight controller to the electronic speed controllers.  Likewise, you need to connect it to the remote control. So as to perceive how to do this step. You can find some video tutorial on the web for the specific flight controller.


Before you use your drone, you should make confirm that every part of the drone is working well. You need to look at all the functionalities of the drone before starting the first flight.

DIY Drone Final

To ensure that everything functions admirably, you have to remove the props and make a little explore different avenues regarding the remote control.

For this test, you should select a reasonable place and try to move it within it control distance. If you find everything OK, your drone is ready to fly.

Here is the complete video tutorial to design a DIY drone, Click here to watch the video.


If you’re new to drones, it’s better to start with those that are pre-built for you. Once you get the hang of putting these together and using them, you can then purchase the advanced DIY kits.

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