Tech Blueprint

We're a small startup e-commerce company located in Canada. We strive to build a growing community on the do-it-yourself side of at home electronics. As a community, we will provide a strong support system for anyone looking to excel in this massive and growing field. We also look to bring families together and build stronger bonds when they are tasked with the DIY at home challenge.

We Educate!

Bringing the classroom to your computer screen is one of the best ways to teach someone. We do this so we can help you at any hour of the day and you will be able to take the courses at your own pace. This method also encourages you to dig deeply into the content. If you have any questions our live chat is always open for any questions :) 

We Build!

We are a group of at home DIY craftsmen who want to encourage you to join the movement! With todays technology you can easily put together any small project and we want to assist you every step of the way. We sell components from suppliers all around the world that we personally use and love.  We work on projects from at home automation to programming PLC's to make automotive parts. 

We are a community!

We honestly couldn't make this happen without our most important asset - our community. We would like to thank everyone for being apart of something that is truly making a difference in the DIY maker scene. These tiny devices enable us to create our best work as artist, engineers, and teachers. We encourage your curiosity and are humbled by it. Here's a coupon for free shipping! <3 Get in contact with us and let us know what we can do for you.