37 IN 1 Sensor Kit Upgraded with CD
37 IN 1 Sensor Kit Upgraded with CD

37 IN 1 Sensor Kit Upgraded with CD

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Upgraded 37 in 1 Sensor Kit contains an educational CD with instructions and lessons on how each sensor works and should be used. Buying this kit provides you with the ability to test many different projects and not be in need of a sensor when you least expect to need it. Save yourself time and money!



Small Passive Buzzer

 2 Color LED Module

Hit Sensor Module

Vibration Switch Module

Photo Resistor Module

Key Switch Module

Tilt Switch Module

3 Color LED SMD Modules

Infrared Emission Sensor Module

3 Color LED Module

Mercury Open Optical Module

Yin Yi 2 Color LED Module 3MM

Active Buzzer Module 

Temperature Sensor Module

Automatic Flashing Colorful LED Module

Mini Magnetic Reed Modules

Hall Magnetic Sensor Module 

Infrared Sensor Receiver Module

Class Bihor Magnetic Sensor 

Magic Light Cup Module

Rotary Encoder Module

Optical Broken Module 

Heartbeat Detect Module

Reed Module

Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module 

Hunt Sensor Module 

Microphone Sound Sensor Module

Laser Sensor Module

5V Relay Module

Temperature Sensor Module

Linear Magnetic Hall Sensors

Flame Sensor Module

Sensitive Microphone Sensor Module

Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module

XY axis Joystick Module

Metal Touch Sensor Module

Learning CD