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This is a synchronous learning module. Our classes are held between 3 pm and 7 pm Eastern Time for 1 hour until May 14, 2018*

Learn the basics:

  • Never programmed before? No problem!
  • Learn programming statements, input/output, condition statements, loops, functions, arrays and computer graphics to start.

Project based self-paced learning:

  • Twenty nine programs, five levels of complexity to keep you engaged for eight weeks. All programs tested and documented. No guessing every class is a success. A real-time game design of your choice to finish the course.

Bring your imagination and your computer.

  • Bring your computer (Windows or Mac) that meet our specification, or use ours to learn in class. Learn at your own pace at our class and practice at home. Limited computers available for use in class only. 

* New schedule to be published after May 14th.